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Passed 11/10/2019

Tonight we lost our ginger tomcat Murphy. He was an adorable natured cat. So loving and loyal. Would follow me everywhere. Always wanting a cuddle and head bump. Never any trouble from him. The house won’t be the same without you My Boy Loved by Simon. Lesley. Sidonia and his little siblings... Klaine and Galore


Passed 16/09/2019

Loved for ever.

Mr Riley

Passed 14/09/2019

Our beloved little man taken so suddenly - we all miss you so very much, our lives will never be the same without you. Rest in Peace our wonderful brave, funny and adorable little man (alias ‘Binky’) all our love Mummy, Daddy, Miss Ellie, Chris, Lucy and Raskal xxx


Passed 09/09/2019

A happy 17 years of caring for you Robyn. You are so loved and missed so much. Enjoy the sunshine my dear friend. Love always Robyn-Bobyn.


Passed 05/09/2019

Greatly missed gentle giant who has left a big hole in our hearts.


Passed 12/08/2019

Roxy, aged 15 years. Most loving and loyal dog; who always loved the sea, French kisses and KFC popcorn chicken. We will forever miss our frequent follower to the fridge and toilet. Have fun running riot with Meg and Heidi, we’ll always miss and love you x x x


Passed 05/08/2019

My sooty I will miss you everyday.when having diner or going to bed you was always there with was such a strong boy my little soldier but now you’re at peace go play with the crew all back together you allways xx


Passed 26/07/2019

My beautiful Holly who was my best friend you were very loved and you have left a very big hole in the lives of everyone who loved you. Run free my gorgeous girl I will never forget you ❤

Khan Flake ( Snowface)

Passed 23/07/2019

Our beautiful boy took his last breath today 23rd July at 9:25pm, after a hefty battle with cancer, words cannot describe how broken we are and everyone is. Our sidekick for 12 years and 3 months from pup, the endless friends you’ve made, the character you was, the most loyal, happy waggy tailed staffy you could ever meet, with the most legendary smile. You brought so much joy to our families lives, the kids adored you, you would never hurt a fly. We knew this day was coming, we done everything to prolong your life, and today you said it was enough. Words cannot describe how much I love you, we love you, everyone loves you. Our beautiful boy, my snowface, my happy ball of white fluff, my moon man, till we meet again, I know you’ll be waiting for us, run over that rainbow bridge you beautiful snowdrop xx


Passed 22/07/2019

We miss you so much our Baby Boy


Passed 17/07/2019

Love u more than u will ever know baby girl


Passed 16/07/2019

I miss you so much Thorn, you were my most precious companion for 25 years. Don't run to far from the Rainbow Bridge I need you to wait for me. Love you always


Passed 15/07/2019

To our very special Shelly ‘Boos’ ...there are no words what you meant to us, you had been loyal, loving and mischievous for almost 11 years, there is no doubt the day we lost you you took apart of us with you. You were one of kind... with all our love and headbumps xxxx


Passed 12/07/2019

In memory of Jessie. Much loved cat of the Wheeler family for 16 years. Loved by all and sadly missed.


Passed 02/07/2019

Finally said goodbye to my best buddy of 16 years, my Maggie. So comforting to have her home with me in her little casket. Beautiful memories.


Passed 28/06/2019

Coco we shared 11 wonderful years together. You have left a big hole in our family heart that will never be filled again. Rest in peace our beautiful girl. Love you always and forever xxxx


Passed 12/06/2019

Goodnight, god bless, Freddie. Taken too soon. We'll see you at rainbow bridge. Love mummy, daddy, Honey, Alex, Auntie Dawn, Grandad, Jojo and Polly xxxxx

Whiskey ( Mr Whiskles)

Passed 06/06/2019

Forever in our hearts. X


Passed 01/06/2019

Rusty you were truly 1 of a kind you had a gd innings unfortunately you were too good to complete the match we all love you little man and will never forget you sleep peacefully little man until we meet again love you from bennie boy and mummy xxxxx


Passed 24/05/2019

Your my Best Friend and I will miss your silliness xx


Passed 17/05/2019

We all love you so much maxi moo. Go play now with Abbie. She's been waiting for you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Passed 26/04/2019

Our Bouncing dog is now bouncing in heaven RIP Lady we all miss you so much xx


Passed 06/04/2019

Last Saturday morning I woke to my little girl Gizzy not greeting me me in the toilet like she had 4 11 years . She was awake sitting up in her bed next 2 my chair still wagging her tail . She went 4 wee then bk 2 bed tail still wagging . It was my weekend of so I popped out shopping, I returned with treats 4 her . Started unloading shopping when my husband shouted me to giz .. she waited for me to come home and passed away in my arms peaceful…. we love you baby girl missing you so much xxx Thank you treasured friends with out u I don’t no wot we would of done cxxx


Passed 06/04/2019

You were a good little boy Beau and I’ll never forget the memories of you barking as loud as you could when the door rang and laying with your bear. You fought until the end little guy now you’re with Rocky in heaven. Rest in peace xxxxxxxxxxx


Passed 02/04/2019

You will always be in our hearts Suki. You were such a loving easy going cat and we miss you so much. With lots of love forever. xx


Passed 27/03/2019

With you from the start and we almost had 20 Years together. Thanks for being a great companion, so glad I was with you until the end. We miss you every day & Josh misses you on his bed… love mum, Josh fin and Ethan xxxx


Passed 20/03/2019

Love you Ralph we all miss you x x


Passed 15/03/2019

Miss our beautiful boy so much. Far too young to pass, we did all we could for you. Miss you always xxx


Passed 15/03/2019

Never forgotten xx


Passed 01/03/2019

My beautiful boy I love you with all my heart missing so much


Passed 28/02/2019

Always in our hearts precious girl xx


Passed 28/02/2019

Our beautiful girl in our hearts forever xx


Passed 27/02/2019

Thank you for taking care of our Rosie …this little girl loved everyone and mothered so many kittens who thought she was mum she spent many a summers day on our boat enjoying the good life and we all loved her dearly….I wish I could turn the clock back and cuddle you one more time ?


Passed 04/02/2019

Thank you for being our girl Lola. We will miss you every day. Run free beautiful girl xxx April 2006 – 4th Febuary 2019


Passed 29/01/2019

Our darling Jiff. We rescued you 7 years ago from such bad circumstances after being left in kennels for a year. That scared and scrawny 19 kg boy soon became a much loved member of our family and with time, love and patience, all you were scared of was missing out! You were a fighter and survived twisted stomach, had epilepsy and bad legs where they kicked you. But in the end you didn’t have the energy to fight anymore so rest in peace our gorgeous boy x


Passed 29/01/2019

A happy 17 years of caring for you Tigger. You are so loved and missed so much. Enjoy the sunshine my dear friend. Love always Tiggy-Wiggy.


Passed 28/01/2019

My darling Robbie, thank you for 15 & a half years. You were the best & I miss you so much. Love you always Bub, always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Passed 21/01/2019

Daisy, we are in shock it was so unexpected, rest easy with our dude, you had the best 10 years a cat could have and we love and miss you dearly, we will look after your boy lucky always, sleep tight princess xxx


Passed 10/01/2019

My beloved baby dog Marley, you are so dearly missed, im so lost without you by my side, life and the house is so quiet and empty without you…sleep tight my baby boy, i love you xxxxxx


Passed 08/01/2019

Our boy Norman, thank you for bringing smiles and laughter to us every day, for being such an important part of our family we all miss you and you will be in our hearts forever. xxxxxxx


Passed 04/01/2019

Max, you will be dearly missed and never forgotten. For 9 years you were part of our family but were taken to soon from us due to illness. We will always love you. 2010 to 2019. XXXXXX


Passed 02/01/2019

Dude we will never forget you, your missed every single day we can't describe how lost we are with out you, daisy gained her wings today please look after her for us, rip big boy we love you always


Passed 30/12/2018

Teddy you came to us when you needed a home and we needed you . You quickly learned we wanted to love you and stroke you and you learned to come for cuddles. It was lovely to see you change and become less frightened of being touched . You have a massive place in all our hearts. And we miss you barking at the seagulls, walking up your ramp, your feet tapping on the floor and you slurping your water through the night ! X X x


Passed 27/12/2018

Our beautiful boy who just arrived one day injured and beat up. We nursed you back to good health and you stayed with us for 8 fun and happy years. We miss you terribly and our home will never be the same…… fly high my baby xxx


Passed 19/12/2018

Taken from us too soon but you fought your illness so bravely. Run free over Rainbow Bridge Sammy. Your wings were ready but our hearts were not xx


Passed 17/12/2018

Love you rock you were always such a good boy running around rolling all over the rug and enjoying your treats I’ll never forget you. You’re at peace now love you xxxxxxxxx Love you rock you were always such a good boy running around rolling all over the rug and enjoying your treats I’ll never forget you. You’re at peace now love you xxxxxxxxx


Passed 10/12/2018

Misty forever in our hearts never forgotten 17/07/2002 – 10/12/2018


Passed 28/11/2018

Pebble we love you and we're gonna miss you so much.


Passed 26/11/2018

To our handsome wonderful boy. Thank you for all the loving and loyal days you spent with us. Every memory is treasured. Have fun times chasing mice with your sister Skye xxxxx


Passed 14/11/2018

To my Big Beautiful Boy,taken far to early ,this was taken a month before his passing and we are all so shocked he went so suddenly,thank you for taking care of my boy for me he was my world x


Passed 07/11/2018

My beautiful boy, miss you every day, love you always xxxx


Passed 20/10/2018

Rest in piece our beautiful baby girl, you will be greatly missed forever in our hearts xxxx


Passed 20/10/2018

Rest up our beautiful baby girl, we will miss you so so much it's only been 3 days without you 🙁 our hearts are broken without you it just won't be the same, we love you so much I know now your at rest fly high angel xxxxxxxxx


Passed 19/10/2018

Our wonderful Diezel, life will never be the same without you, you were a truly amazing boy until we see yo again run free and look after Cookie for us.


Passed 19/10/2018

Our darling cookie, be pain free our special friend you have left a huge hole in our hearts, until we meet again run free my cookie monster.


Passed 07/10/2018

Dear Kal-El, you were only four, you deserved so much more life to live, I'm so sorry you had to pass away so soon, I will NEVER forget you, or your cuddles or how much you loved your treats… you will always be my baby boy, always.


Passed 05/10/2018

We will miss you very much Shadow, you were the best cat we could have ever asked for, so loving and kind. We love you, goodnight shadow x x x x x x


Passed 03/10/2018

Our lovely little kind tiny Twinkle we all miss you so much your human family loved you soo much your no longer in pain but our hearts are heavy sleep tight our lovely girl. XXXX

Alfie ” Boy” Kennett

Passed 15/09/2018

The house is so quiet without you laelias sleeping in your bed, we both miss your sloppy kisses and how much of the bed you took up. We will look to the stars every night tell you about our day and blow you good night kisses. We love you alfie boy till we meet again xxxx

Lacey Dog

Passed 13/09/2018

My Lacey dog we miss you so very much our hearts are truly broken when we adopted you it brought a great joy in our lives x hope your being a good girl in heaven and watching over us xx love you xx


Passed 09/09/2018

Our precious girl we will miss you so very,very much .You always made us laugh with pretending to be sleeping but your 'wiggly happy bum' always gave you away ,our hearts are broken but the pieces that remain are filled with love for you , your son Tubby ,your big boy Teddy and your closest cat brother Stormy …we will love and miss you all ….my heart will forever be crying for you Moo Moo …till we meet again.. …look after our boys and be the good girl you have always been and you will be home with us all soon xxxxx

Honey Short

Passed 07/09/2018

Rest in peace our gorgeous Honey. We love you and miss you very much x


Passed 05/09/2018

Thank you for your loyalty, devotion and love Harry. From day one you had us hooked and the hole you have left can never be filled. Sleep tight our beautiful dog. See you at the rainbow bridge xx


Passed 31/08/2018

Loved and missed dearly x


Passed 30/08/2018

Such an adorable and beautiful cat, family member and companion. We miss you so much. You are always in our heart and home.


Passed 28/08/2018

Fleur de Lis our fur baby. The most loving and gentle cat. we are going to miss you so much. Heart broken you had to go to sleep but no longer in pain. Fly high little angel ❤ ❤ ❤

Bailey Jarman

Passed 24/08/2018

My gorgeous boy Bailey,don’t know what i will do without you by my side.16 years you’ve been the best dog ever and I’ll never go a day without thinking about you, strong till the end seeing you struggle but now your at peace play ball with your baby girls tink and you forever and always xxx


Passed 23/08/2018

You fought your illness to the end my sweetheart, you were such a brave little soldier, you will always be in our hearts! you have left a big hole, but we have so many memories that we will cherish forever. until we meet again run free my darling boy. My Charlie boy!


Passed 23/08/2018

My beautiful girl Petal , you were a blessing and a joy for 6 years. You filled our lives with happiness and we will miss you forever and a day. Sleep tight gorgeous girl.


Passed 22/08/2018

My beautiful best friend I miss you so much my heart is broken and a piece of my heart is with you princess alfietta ❤ ❤


Passed 21/08/2018

Will miss you every day, my amazing pup xxx


Passed 16/08/2018

Sleep tight our beautiful lady a true queen of cats You've left a hole in our hearts, but love in our memories You will always be with us xxx


Passed 10/08/2018

My beautiful Inca. I am broken hearted but so happy and lucky to have had you in my life for 7 and a half years. You were my special, brave and perfect girl. Love you always. Thank you treasured friends for treating us both with such respect and kindness


Passed 28/07/2018

Today we lost our precious storm you were our world and we will never ever forget you ❤ 🌍


Passed 24/07/2018

Our beautiful boy Jerry you will be sorely missed. You left tiny paw prints in our hearts. You was one of a kind we shall never forget you. But thank you cuddles and being the best. Run free with Spooky, forever in our hearts. XXX


Passed 16/07/2018

You made us smile you made us frown you made us laugh and you made us cry but most of all you left paw prints in our hearts gone but never forgotten my princess at least I can eat my dinner in peace now love you lots my angel rip


Passed 02/07/2018

Gone from our sight , but never from our heart and memory……thank you for being the best companion.xx


Passed 01/07/2018

14 years is a long time to have a dog like you in our lives, you were a part of the family and always will be. You passed away on your 14th birthday. My heart is breaking. I'm missing you every day xx


Passed 27/06/2018

We know getting older means getting closer to the other side, but it never prepared us for having to say goodbye. We love you so much and I’ll even miss cleaning up your insane amount of fur you left all over the house! You were one in a million Blaze Bear and we will love you forever. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten, we shall see you again waiting at the door when we return to you ourselves. Love your mum and Dad x


Passed 23/01/2018

The day you left us was the day you took a piece of my heart. I miss your crazy ways and how you slept on my legs.


Passed 27/12/2016

My beautiful, loving, silly, handsome boy taken too early, we love you ❤ ❤ ❤


Passed 24/10/2016

Beloved and loyal. Missed every day.❤️❤️


Passed 21/09/2016

We miss you so much flash... my life isn't the same without you baby boy xxx ❤


Passed 20/04/2016

Our lovely boy missed so much still xx


Passed 30/12/2015

Goody, named after my grandad, now reunited with him and his friend Puddy. Fought a good battle but didn’t want to see in 2016. 5 days later we found out we were pregnant!! Thank you for being through it all with me, first house, divorce, re marriage and thank you for the gift of Mia. Until we meet again at rainbow bridge…..I love you my best friendxxx.


Passed 23/01/2014

The day we had to say goodbye to you was the day you took a piece of my heart with you. I miss you everyday and miss the kisses I got from you every morning.


Passed 07/11/2006

My beautiful boy Mason…Alway’s on my mind,Forever in my heart xxxx